Be the Best of the Best: The Benefits of Dual-Facing Cameras

An older white male with a cellphone earpiece drives a semi-truck down a highway, with a dual-facing camera in his cab

Dual-Facing Cameras Are An Asset

There’s a lot of buzz in the trucking industry about dual-facing cameras. Some drivers will always be hesitant about having a camera watch them drive, but it’s a technology that drivers are increasingly embracing, and for good reason. A dual-facing camera is not just an effective tool to help drivers save money on their insurance, it also protects them from unfounded allegations of fault and can even help alert them to risky driving.

In fact, drivers who receive the coaching guidance enabled by our dual-facing cameras reduce unsafe driving behaviors by 71%—that’s a big drop, and it’s just one way our technology helps keep drivers safe and on the road.

We require dual-facing cameras because they’re the best tool to help protect our policyholders. We also value your privacy, so the cameras record footage only when your ignition is on and do not listen or record audio. When the cameras are recording, they provide valuable information about your safe driving habits that allows us to offer competitive premiums

Below are a few of the top benefits of dual-facing cameras:

Dual-Facing Cameras Can Help Exonerate You In An Incident

Dual-facing cameras are there to help you when you need them most. Accidents can happen to the best drivers, which can lead to expensive claims and payouts. The cameras record external views, internal views, and other road conditions at the time of an accident. 

For example, the cameras we’re shipping today can tell the difference between a hard-braking incident that’s due to speeding and one caused by motorists’ reckless behavior. Other camera technologies may flag the latter and trigger an alert, even though it’s not worthy of being flagged at all. That’s the added benefit of dual-facing cameras. They can verify that a driver was alert and attentive at the time of the incident. That inward-facing footage can help exonerate you when you aren’t at fault, saving you from potentially large payouts and premium increases.

Save Money on Your Premium With a Dual-Facing Camera

Who doesn’t love to save money? With the data collected from the dual-facing cameras, safe drivers may save up to 15 percent upon renewal of a commercial Auto Liability policy. As a safe driver, you should be rewarded—not penalized for the unsafe driving of others.

Dual-Facing Cameras Improve Safety For You and Other Drivers

The best drivers understand the importance of road safety and know there is always room to grow and learn. That’s why Cover Whale uses the inward-facing footage to provide real-time coaching when unsafe driving behavior is detected on the dashcam. We can detect patterns of risky behavior and help you correct them so that everyone can get home safely at the end of the day. 

This allows you to be situationally aware and learn from any mistakes, ultimately helping you remain the best of the best. Think of the dash cam as your own personal co-pilot.

Dual-Facing Cameras Protect Your Livelihood

While some truckers question the benefits of dual-facing cameras, the best drivers in the business know that these dashcams help protect their livelihood. Through Cover Whale’s transparent Driver Safety Program with dual-facing dash cameras, you can confidently take your skills out on the road, deliver your freight, and get yourself home safely.

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