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The Cover Whale Driver Safety Program

Be confident you’re getting the best insurance coverage in trucking.

Whether it's poor road conditions, bad weather, or other drivers’ errors, accidents happen.

The Cover Whale Driver Safety Program is a unique combination of advanced dash cams, driver coaching, and industry-leading coverage that is proven to enhance driver safety, lower costs, and ensure compliance with vehicle usage policies.

Benefits of the Cover Whale Safety Program

For owner-operators


Dash cams improve vehicle safety and efficiency by identifying unsafe behaviors and coaching moments that help you improve your safety skills, avoid accidents and costly claims.


With this information from the dash cam we’re able to provide lower insurance premiums than our competitors. Only footage relating to aggressive driving events and accidents are saved.


Dash cams provide a wider range of visibility which can be used to dispute claims made by other motorists.

For fleet operators


Dash cams improve both vehicle safety and operational efficiency by engaging in personalized driver coaching that highlights risk patterns, peer-compared risk scoring, and driver improvement metrics.


The dash cam safety program automates back-office reporting, such as IFTA, route sheets, and miles. In many cases it saves more money by replacing other pre-existing systems.


The program can help manage multiple vehicles in a fleet, with the option of sharing drivers’ locations with customers.


Recorded footage is stored securely on servers controlled only by the dash cam provider, Orion Fleet Intelligence, and can be shared with a third party to resolve claims quickly, helping you stay productive.

Frequently Asked Questions

The dash cam looks for speeding, hard-braking, hard-cornering and acceleration, and other unsafe behaviors that are known to cause more accidents.

The dash cam is only recording when the ignition is on and the truck is running. At no other times is the dash cam on or recording.

Only aggressive driving events and accidents get saved. All other footage is only stored on the dash cam itself until it is recorded over.

Only Cover Whale, Orion (the dash cam provider), and the policyholder have access to the footage.

Cover Whale uses the information to provide safe driving feedback. Footage is also used to protect and exonerate drivers in the event of an accident or claim.

Orion, the equipment provider, has live access but only for the purposes of troubleshooting the dash cam technology and assessing proper installation. No other party has live access.

Footage—saved only from an accident or during aggressive driving behavior—can be shared with your employer and Cover Whale upon request.

The dash cam is not recording and is constantly filming over itself unless and until there is an incident, in which case, that specific footage is saved until the issue is resolved.

No, audio cannot be recorded by the dash cam.

No, there are no current capabilities to hide identifying features.

No, if the dash cam is covered while the ignition is running a camera tampering alert will be triggered.The dash cam does not run when the ignition is off and can be covered at that time.

Yes, If you’re changing the vehicle(s) on your insurance policy, the dash cam can be moved from one vehicle to another with a simple notification to Cover Whale. However, a new cable may be needed since they’re not universal.

Only with an approved exemption from Cover Whale.

There is no cost for the dash cam.

Yes, because of the driving information from the dash cam we’re able to provide lower premiums than our competitors.

Dash cams are required for all Cover Whale auto liability policies. If dash cams are not installed, your policy will be subject to cancellation.

You can contact or Orion tech support directly at (610) 484-5335 or

About the Dash Cam

The Cover Whale advanced dash cam is state-of-the-art technology we combine with driver coaching and industry leading insurance coverage to improve safety, lower costs, and ensure compliance.

Our dash cam installs easily on your dashboard and can be up and running in just minutes. Weighing in at just over 1.2 pounds, our 5.8”L x 5.8”W x 3.5”H camera is made of sturdy polycarbonate and aluminum alloy. When operating it draws 12 volts.