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The Cover Whale Driver Safety Program

It’s a myth that truck-driving is risky.

Like you, most of America’s truck drivers are safe, conscientious professionals who want to deliver freight on-time and exception-free. These are the drivers Cover Whale wants to insure. You shouldn’t have to pay higher insurance premiums due to the unsafe driving behaviors of those who choose to be reckless.

Our Driver Safety Program benefits you.

Improves safety for you and others on the road

identifies unsafe driving and provides coaching to help you avoid accidents and costly claims before they happen.

Saves you money on your insurance

the information provided by our dash cams can help lower your insurance premiums.

Helps with claims when they happen

provides a broader range of visibility which can be used to dispute claims made by other motorists.

Advanced dash cams + safety coaching + the industry’s best insurance = Protecting your livelihood.

The Cover Whale Safety Program comprises three components: cameras, coaching, and coverage working together to keep you on the road earning.


Dash cams flag aggressive driving behavior, such as speeding, hard braking, and hard turning, and record accidents should they happen, which may help exonerate you if you’re not at fault. We require installation and ongoing use of dual-facing dash cams when purchasing an auto liability policy.


A centerpiece of the Cover Whale Driver Safety Program, when we notice unsafe driving, you’ll receive a combination of emails, texts and phone calls from us so you can stay aware of how you’re driving and avoid those moments. Our coaching communications promote safer driving, protect other motorists, and help keep you insured and operating.


Cover Whale insurance enables you to confidently take your skills and talent out on the road, delivering your freight safely. Our Driver Safety Program helps us offer some of the most competitive insurance rates in the trucking industry. This lowers the insurance costs to you.

How it works

Your installed dash cam will record and report unsafe “events” while you’re driving, including excessive speed, as well as hard-braking and hard-turning incidents.

  • When the dash cam reports these events happening over time and/or over a number of miles driven, Cover Whale sends you an email and a text alerting you of the issue and strategies for improving your driving safety.
  • Good news is if you take corrective action and the events don’t continue, we’ll let you know that we see the improvement. Just like a coach would.
  • If the dash cam reports no improvement over time, we’ll let you know that you are at risk of having your insurance canceled. If the unsafe driving still continues we’ll notify you that we intend to cancel your coverage within 35 days. Even after you are notified, you have the opportunity to improve and have your insurance reinstated during that period.

Frequently Asked Questions

The dash cam can help identify unsafe driving behaviors that are known to cause more accidents. When combined with coaching, it enables industry-leading insurance at industry-leading prices.

No, covering the dash cam while the ignition is running and you are driving is considered tampering with the camera.

No, the dash cam is only recording when the ignition is on and the truck is running. The dash cam does not record when the ignition is off for prolonged periods of time.

Yes, certain footage, if available, can be requested by the policyholder upon request.

Dash cams are required for all Cover Whale auto liability policies. If dash cams are not installed, your policy may be subject to cancellation.

Cover Whale uses the information to provide and create safe-driving feedback — the coaching part of our Safety Program. Footage may also be used in the event of an accident or claim.

All footage is stored on the dash cam itself until it is recorded over. In certain cases, coachable driving events and accidents are saved.

Yes, because of the driving information from the dash cam, we are able to offer Cover Whale-insured drivers up to 15% off their premium when renewing their auto liability policy.

There is no additional cost for the dash cam.