Working with Cover Whale 101: Dual-Facing Dashcams

A driver on the road with a dual-facing dashcam recording his safe driving.

Working with Cover Whale 101: Benefits of Dual-Facing Dashcams

You see it all over the news: “Big crash caught on trucker’s dashcam,” and “Dashcam catches truck accident in snowy conditions.” At Cover Whale, we use technology and personalized coaching to prevent accidents like these from happening — saving both the lives and livelihoods of policyholders and those with whom they share the road.

AI-enabled dual-facing dashcams are the heart of our Driver Safety Program. The telematics we gather from the dashcams help us provide corrective coaching and best-priced policies based on individual driver actions. We believe safe drivers should be rewarded, rather than paying extra for the risky behavior of others on the road.

How Do The Dashcams Work?

All Cover Whale Auto Liability policies require the installation and ongoing use of our AI-enabled dashcams. The dual-facing dashcams begin recording when the ignition is on and the truck is running. When the truck is turned off, the camera stops recording, protecting the driver’s privacy. 

When recording, the cameras will notice events like speeding, hard braking and hard turning, providing crucial situational context. This means our dual-facing dashcams know the difference between hard braking due to speeding and hard braking due to another motorist’s reckless actions, such as unsafe lane changes, or nefarious incidences, like brake-checking. In the event of an accident, footage and data can provide reliable evidence to settle claims and can even be used to exonerate drivers.

How Do Trucking Dashcams Improve Safety?

The dashcams Cover Whale provides keep truckers safe and doing what they do best: driving and delivering America’s freight. The advanced telematics dashcams provide help protect both truck drivers and other motorists and truckers, and our corrective coaching communications improve policyholders’ driving habits, which helps avoid future accidents, costly claims, and even life-threatening injuries or worse. In fact, Cover Whale policyholders who receive coaching have shown a 28% decrease in speeding and a 71% decrease in unsafe driving behaviors overall!

How Do In-Cab Dashcams Help With Claims?

Accidents happen, and with them come costly claims and premium increases. Having dashcams installed in our policyholders’ trucks provides clear evidence of what happened during an incident. This video footage can ultimately help dispute claims made by other motorists, protect drivers against false claims, and may exonerate them when they aren’t at fault.

Do Dashcams Save on Costs?

Yes, they can! The dashcams capture individualized driving data for each driver when operating their trucks. That means policyholders’ premiums on a renewed policy may be discounted based on their own safe driving history, rather than it being based on the overall pool of drivers, regardless of their safety profiles.

What Gets Saved On The Dashcams, and Who Has Access?

The only events saved on the dashcams are coachable driving moments and accidents. Otherwise, the dashcam constantly records over itself. Only Cover Whale, the policyholder, and the dashcam manufacturer have access to footage.

What Happens After The Dashcam Records An Unsafe Event

In the event that the dashcam reports unsafe driving events, Cover Whale will contact the policyholder by email and text, informing them of the issue and offering suggestions to improve driving performance. If the dashcam reports no improvement over time, we will contact the driver again to let them know they’re at risk of losing their insurance coverage. If these unsafe events persist, we will notify the driver that we intend to cancel their coverage in 35 days. The good news is that if corrective action is taken, we’ll let them know that we see improvement. Just like a coach would.

Wrapping Up

Dual-facing dashcams are improving road safety each and every day. Ready to take the next step?

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