How Our Driver Safety Program Saves You Money

Inside view of a truck cab on a divided highway where we see a driver safety program driver safely navigating the road.

We know that by and large, America’s truck drivers are safe, conscientious professionals who work hard to be the best at what they do, delivering America’s freight. Our Driver Safety Program helps truckers unleash their full business potential by keeping them on the road and saving money.

Helps With Claims

Part of our Driver Safety Program includes the installation of advanced dual-facing dashcams. For your privacy, these cameras only record when the truck is operating. And the only time a live feed is monitored is during initial setup, so you can rest easy knowing you and your privacy are protected. The footage is only shared when the device registers an accident or an unsafe driving incident.

These dual-facing dashcams record external views, internal views, and road conditions. If an accident were to occur, the dashcam could help exonerate you when you aren’t at fault, and save you from a large claim or significant premium increase.

Lowers Insurance Premiums

Speaking of premiums, you shouldn’t have to pay higher insurance premiums due to the unsafe driving practices of other truckers who choose to be reckless. The AI dashcams we provide as part of our Driver Safety Program gather advanced telematics to flag unsafe driving actions such as speeding, hard braking and turning. The telematics we capture help determine the difference between hard braking due to speeding and hard braking due to another motorist’s recklessness. That’s how we help you avoid paying more for your insurance because of other drivers’ mistakes. And, after a year of safe driving, you can save up to 30% on your premium for Auto Liability policy renewals. 

Keeps You Top-Notch at Your Craft

A unique component of our Driver Safety Program is the driver coaching we provide to help keep you safe. When the dual-facing dashcam notices unsafe driving behavior, Cover Whale will contact you by email and text, informing you of the issue and offering suggestions to help you improve. Our coaching communications promote safer driving and help keep you insured and operating at your very best. And the safer you drive, the more you can save on your premiums.

We’ve Got You Covered

We have you covered with some of the most competitive insurance rates in the trucking industry. Our Driver Safety Program helps us keep rates affordable for America’s best truck drivers and enables you to confidently stay on the road.

Ready to Drive Towards Savings?

With advanced dashcams, safety coaching, and some of the industry’s most competitive premiums, Cover Whale is made for drivers like you. Reach out to your agent and let them know you want to join the growing ranks of Cover Whale safe drivers. Your agent can get appointed quickly and generate a quote for you instantly to help you keep moving!

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